Rework Unit

Pre-manufactured unit designed for continuous rework of crystallized margarine products.

The FH SCANDINOX Rework Unit is an all in one unit consisting of a single-section plate heat exchanger (PHE) for melting crystallized product by means of hot water.

In addition, a brazed PHE to provide the unit with hot water by condensing saturated steam is also included.

The rework unit is completely pre-assembled with product pump, circulation pump, temperature regulating valves and instrumentation, piped-up, pre-wired and ready to install in the production facilities.

The nominal capacity is depending on the product and the product temperature profile. A normal temperature profile on the reverse side may vary from 12°C to 65°C.

All product contacting parts are manufactured from stainless steel AISI 316L, the PHE plates, however, are made of titanium due to the salt content in the product.