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Benhil cup filling machine 8270


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1 pc. Benhil Packing Machine

Manufacturer:                         BENHIL
Model:                                     Copparapid
Type:                                       8270
Machine version:                    4-laned machine
Product feed:                          Compensator
Product:                                  Margarine, edible fats, butter, mayonnaise,
                                                smilar pasty and creamy products.
Capacity:                                Adjustable up to max. 240 cups / min
Filling volumes:                      Filling weight of 500 and 600gram 
Cup dimensions:                    Will follow.
Filling accuracy:                      +/- 1,5 %
Packing material:                    Polypropylene
Foil and lid:                             Incl. are lid foil and cap cover devising equipment
Date coding:                           No coding equipment nor preparation included
Discharge conveyor:              Transversal left to product feeding direction.
Electrical equipment:              For 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases, voltage.
Electrical control:                    Standard contactor control.
Lubrication:                             Central system operated with pump.

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