Environment & Sustainability

Our approach to sustainability at FH Scandinox.

The concept sustainability is often heard in different contexts. Today, many companies focus on sustainability. In more and more countries, climate changes, sustainability and green transformation are by now important topics on the agenda, but in our opinion, an agenda is not enough – we have put the words into action.

Circular economy

When the Danish companies succeed in keeping materials in a circular cycle we will have the solutions of tomorrow, which will be in demand all over the world, and if we further succeed in making use of not only materials but also larger production solutions this is a winning parameter at several levels. Stainless steel is a necessary material in the dairy, food and pharmaceutical industry. However, it is unfortunately also an expensive material, not only as raw material but also in the processing operation. Fortunately, stainless steel is FH Scandinox’s speciality.

A healthy and sustainable business

We believe that we should take much more care of our world, both of its life and, in particular, of the limited resources. Consequently, it is important to be able to both think and act sustainably, now as well as in the future.

For many companies, sustainability is considered an extra cost, as sustainability is generally more expensive than usual/earlier solutions, but this does not always have to be the case. In our opinion, sustainability can also be a healthy business, both for the world’s resources and for the company. We call it common sense.

For most companies, the payback period of investments is quite long. However, the co-operation between FH Scandinox and customers world-wide in connection with sales and reuse of second-hand tanks and processing equipment offers the possibility of not having to wait for the result. Here, the economical and not least the resource aspect – a positive bottom line – is made the priority already from the beginning, as FH Scandinox co-operates with the customers about sales and reuse of equipment.

We call it reuse and it makes sense when the topic is sustainability. The refurbished products are resold by FH Scandinox.

Modernisation and reuse of equipment

FH Scandinox has many years of experience as an international, leading supplier of complete processing plants and machines for the food industry. FH Scandinox believes that environmental responsibility and sustainability are crucial factors for its own as well as all companies’ long-term success. By focusing areas of our value chain on modernisation and reuse of existing equipment, FH Scandinox is able to contribute with the sustainable target to reduce the resource consumption. FH Scandinox’s know-how and conscious choices in the product portfolio help customers all over the world achieve their companies’ sustainability goals. FH Scandinox has a strong portfolio as main contractor for dairies and other food companies, both in Denmark and abroad, such as Arla’s new innovation centre in Aarhus, TINE Mejerier in Norway (comprising sales and liquidation of 11 dairies), Kerry Foods in Ireland and England as well as co-operation with Novo Nordisk.

Minimum downtime, maximum productivity

The aim of FH Scandinox is to supply long-term, cost-effective and sustainable solutions which help customers both observe the rules and increase their output. The primary goal is to supply processing equipment of top quality to the wide-ranging food industry. The principal objective of FH Scandinox, concerning new as well as refurbished equipment, is to ensure a continuous and efficient production performance for their customers and to work from the mindset “Minimum downtime, maximum productivity” as a guarantee against an unexpected and expensive “downtime” of the production equipment.

The products have also been designed with a special view to the hygienic characteristics to meet the ever-increasing demands of the food industry, which means that all components which come into contact with the product can easily be dismantled and cleaned efficiently. CIP (Cleaning In Place) systems are part of FH Scandinox’s delivery programme. All materials for food production have of course also been food-approved, and all employees in the supply chain are educated and trained and have many years of experience within the business. The equipment is always tested before shipment takes place to ensure that it is 100% operational.

CO2 technology – for margarine production

The long experience within modernisation and optimisation of equipment is a great advantage on the market when talking about focusing on sustainable production, reuse and low energy consumption, and FH Scandinox grows constantly. Today, FH Scandinox has four departments in Denmark and subsidiaries in Norway and China, and with the take-over of 75% of Gerstenberg Services in Brøndby in 2018, the margarine industry was added to the list of customers and is today a vital part of the company.

The recent implementation of FH Scandinox’s own state-of-the-art technology centre in Hoven offers to the customers the possibility of testing innovative products in pilot scale within the mixing and cooling technology segment prior to a large investment in full-scale production lines.

For instance, shock cooling of margarine emulsion driven by CO2 is a feature which can make a big difference for many customers interested in energy- and quality-optimised solutions. Today, about 50% of the company’s turnover is divided into second-hand equipment and into own production, installation and commissioning of completely new energy-friendly processing equipment, respectively.


  • Processing tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Homogenisers
  • Separators
  • Packing and filling machines
  • Margarine processing equipment
  • Dairy & ice cream processing equipment
  • Lobe rotary pumps
  • Mono pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Automatic valves