Environment & sustainability

Our approach to sustainability at FH Scandinox.

Our enviromental focus at FH Scandinox

As an international leading manufacturer, we believe that environmental responsibility and sustainability are essential factors for the long-term success of our business. By focusing areas of our busnies plan on modernization and recycling of existing equipment, we are hereby able to contribute to the common thread with the current sustainable objectives to limit resource consumption.

The breadth and depth of our product portfolio allows our customers across the world to help achieve their zero-carbon targets.

Helping customers produce responsibly and efficiently

It is one of FH Scandinox primary objectives to provide top quality processing equipment for the food industry. This ensures our customers continuous and satisfactory operation and is our guarantee against unexpected and costly downtime.

All materials are food approved and all employees in our supply chain are trained and skilled workers with many years of experience. Before shipment, we always test the equipment to ensure 100% functionality.

The design of our products is hygienic to meet the ever-increasing requirements in the food industry, which means that all components in contact with the product can easily be dismantled and cleaned. CIP (Cleaning in Place) systems are available in our delivery program.

FH Scandinox is committed to providing long-term, cost-effective and ecologically viable solutions that will help our customers both comply with regulations and increase their output.