Resting tubes

Designed for optimal flexibility.

The FH SCANDINOX resting tube is mandatory for consistency and high product performance for packed products, especially table, cake and puff pastry margarine.

The resting phase is important to your production cycle because this is where the final crystallization of the product occurs. Without proper final crystallization, consistency and performance of the product can be compromised. We have the perfect solution in the resting phase as the resting tube gives the product sufficient time to form and settle for high-quality product performance every time. We manufacture equipment with high-quality materials so you achieve better and more consistent results in processing.

The FH SCANDINOX resting tube is equipped with a heating jacket to prevent the product from sticking. It has an internal sieving mechanism for uniform crystallization. All these attributes help ensure a constant steady flow rate necessary for a superior end product.

Product contacting parts are made of stainless steel AISI 316L.

FHS data sheet Restingtube