Leading process technology for the brewery industry.

The brewing industry in Denmark has proud traditions that go back to ancient times. In the 18th century, beer was delivered from the first Danish industrialised brewery.

New technologies have been developed continuously and FH SCANDINOX A/S has been a reliable supplier to the brewing industry since our company was established back in 1979.

We have an on-going dialogue with our customers as regards design and development of new up-to-date beer processing systems. FH SCANDINOX A/S, whose know-how covers everything from small micro-brewing houses to medium sized brew houses.

With our own tailor designed microbrewery systems, you can brew your own beer and let the freshness sell itself, which makes having a beer an entirely new experience.

Aesthetically pleasing with their high-gloss polished copper, these facilities are adapted to suit your brewpub or restaurant and contribute to the overall atmosphere. Freshly brewed beer, live in action – is the ideal context for relaxed enjoyment and conviviality.

Our micro brew systems are ranging from 2,5 hl up to 20 hl. The brewing technology consists of a brewhouse module plus a number of fermentation and storage tanks. The custom-brewed beer can be filled into barrels and/or bottles “direct from the tank”. Alternatively, it is possible to tap the beer directly from the bright beer tank. And as benefit to our customers.

We can also offer our Diploma Master Brewer for consultancy.

Our specific process areas are:

  • Brewing house
  • Fermentation
  • Storage
  • Beer chamber
  • Beer mixing equipment
  • Storage cellars
  • Bottling plant
  • CIP systems
  • Process automation

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