Competence in Beverage Processing.

The beverage industry is dominated by manufacturers, for whom volume and product consistency is especially important. Through a long-standing, close co-operation with some of the world’s leading beverages producers, FH SCANDINOX A/S has gained the expertise and market understanding that enable us to create flexible process solutions matching the increasing demand for new and fascinating beverages.

By using state-of-the-art pumps, valves, mixers, pasteurizers, homogenizers, filtration, CIP, and other processing equipment our beverage technology ensures that your product will be manufactured both economically and with minimum environmental impact. Every automated process can be visualized in the control system.

Our knowledge can be divided into the following product group categories:

  • Juices & concentrates
  • Tea
  • Water
  • Drinks
  • Spirits & Wine

And with the following process group categories:

  • Sugar dissolving
  • Syrup preparation
  • Mixing and storage tank systems
  • Ingredient dosing
  • Pasteurising
  • Homogenising
  • Filtration
  • Product recovery  (pigging systems)
  • CIP systems
  • Process automation