Minimum downtime, maximum productivity.

To prevent is not an expense. Maintenance of equipment is not an expense, it is an investment and your success is definitely also our goal. By implementing preventive maintenance plans, we ensure high performance, availability and quality as well as maximum life cycle time of your equipment or plant.

To ensure you benefit from continuous production and keep your unscheduled downtime to a minimum, we provide prompt support and top-quality spare parts, whenever and wherever needed. Even the best equipment in the finest-run plants can sometimes experience faults and breakdowns.

FH SCANDINOX A/S’ service technicians are available to make sure that a breakdown does not become a nightmare.  Wherever you are, our skilled technicians will be with you, getting you up and running again quickly and safely – minimum downtime, maximum productivity.

In recent years FH SCANDINOX A/S has been an important maintenance partner to our customers, especially for valve and pump servicing, as prevention is always better than cure. Our experienced service engineers will plan and schedule the maintenance of the different pieces of equipment of your plant to avoid breakdowns and thus keeping costs down.