Polaron co2 margarine pilot plant

December 2019

NEWS December 2019

Gerstenberg and FH Scandinox now introduce the new innovative POLARON Co2 margarine pilot plant in own test center.

The plant is fully automatic, and consists of a complete water phase- and emulsion preparation unit and a crystallisation unit based on the new boost in the oils and fats industry “Co2 cooling”.

Packing can be made in blocks, slabs, and bulk. The pilot plant is commissioned in December 2019.

All equipment is for a max. product pressure of 120 bar, and the recommended test product volume is 60 l. per batch. Max. capacity is 376 kg/h of table margarine.

Product can be supplied by the customer.

Gerstenberg Services A/S can to a certain limit supply the required oils on request based on the customer’s recipes. All costs to be paid by the customer.

If a purchase of a Polaron SSHE takes place within one year after the test runs, the test fee will be deducted from the purchase price.

Please contact us for further information.