Solar cells at FH Scandinox

Circular cycle with green energy.

“With our investment in the solar panel system from NR Green, we manage to build on our goal of contributing to limiting resource consumption. We can now do it more affordably and more green. We call it common sense.” – Torben From, Sales Director at FH Scandinox.

At FH Scandinox, we focus on the current trend in sustainability. In more and more countries, climate changes, sustainability and green transformation are by now important topics on the agenda, but in our opinion, an agenda is not enough – we have put the words into action. We commit to being agile in the face of the current climate situation, in which we are all involved. Therefore, as our latest initiative, we have chosen to invest in solar panels supplied by NR Green. The solar panel system is located on the roof of our warehouse building at the headquarters in Tarm and will result in significant savings on both energy expenses and CO2 emissions.

With our investment in the solar panel system, we succeed in creating a circular cycle with green energy. The solar panel installation is expected to produce 94,000 kWh, equivalent to 67% of the total electricity consumption at our facility in Tarm. “These are highly satisfying figures, and we are proud to establish a circular cycle with green energy that will contribute to our own production while also being supplied to the local community, allowing them to benefit from solar power as well. We look forward to monitoring the progress, and fingers crossed for plenty of sunny hours ahead.” – Torben From, Sales Director at FH Scandinox.